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Umrah trip from January 10 to January 28

In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful

Welcome to Al Amal Tourism and Travel Company, your leading destination for organizing Umrah trips during the month of Rajab. We are proud to provide our distinguished and distinctive services that meet your expectations and make your trip to the Holy House of God an unforgettable experience.

At Al Amal Company, we understand that your Umrah trip represents important moments in your life, and therefore we strive to provide a comprehensive package of services that includes hotel reservations, transportation arrangements, trip insurance, and everything you need to ensure the comfort and safety of your trip.

Al Amal Company is proud of its professional team that works with dedication and attention to meet your needs and provide the necessary support throughout the journey. We are pleased to provide a unique travel experience that combines spirituality and comfort, making every moment of your trip bring joy and tranquility.

Please join us on this special journey and enjoy the best services we provide with all care and professionalism. We are here to make every step of your Umrah journey the beginning of unforgettable memories.

Thank you for choosing Al Amal Travel and Tourism Company, and we look forward to serving you with pleasure and interest.

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Dalia DarkoushiDalia Darkoushi
00:48 01 Jan 23
Thank you to Al-Amal Company for the quick response and provision of services and advice for any question and inquiry regarding visa papers and requests and everything related to hotel and flight reservations at very reasonable prices. Good luck and success, God willing.
wissam daibeswissam daibes
22:49 27 Dec 22
A distinguished company with punctuality and excellent customer service. We wish them success and recommend dealing with them and traveling through them because their services are wonderful.
Serve a very nice take a lot of time…And I can only recommend ????Thanks for the cafeKeep it up!!
Nuaaman Malla IbrahimNuaaman Malla Ibrahim
19:47 27 Oct 22
Thank you very much, and about your experiences in obtaining a Turkish visa. Mashallah, there is nothing missing from the papers and the speed of booking the role. I wish you success.
S sS s
10:36 22 Sep 22
Thank you for the competent advice! Thanks to them, I was able to get help with visa matters and flight bookings. All this at a very good price. Great service and can only be recommended!

Integrated Umrah service

The price of the integrated Umrah program is €1349.00


Rabie Hotel

€180,00 / night


Alneem Hotel

€180,00 / night

Firdous Holiday Villas

€180,00 / night

Rabie Hotel

€180,00 / night

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