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Egypt is a wonderful country with some of the most enduring historical monuments on earth, and Egypt stands as an unforgettable travel destination. This North African country has always remained so proud, welcoming and accessible. And with timeless treasures like temples and pyramids in the Nile to shout about, a place isn't going to slip out of the public consciousness anytime soon. Still, the journey here is a lot of excitement.

In many ways, there are two guts. The first is Egypt Cairo and the Nile, from bustling medieval souks, sphinxes, river cruises, and the antics of the age of Agatha Christie. The second, and an integral part of many visitors, is Egypt on the Red Sea, where a sprawling sprawl of modern resorts caters to sun seekers and divers. Sharm el-Sheikh, with its world-class diving, high-end hotels, and desert adventures, is one of its most famous.

Most of the country's ancient treasures were built during the reign of the pharaohs. the Pyramids of Giza (the only survivors of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World); the lotus-pillared temples of Luxor and Karnak; Valley of the Kings. Aswan and the Abu Simbel temples: stretching along the Nile River, they have attracted visitors for centuries. They represent an enduring legacy of one of the most legendary periods in human history.

Of course, the country is best understood, not by its great monuments or its coral reefs, wonderful though they are, but by its people. Bartering for a bargain in Cairo’s old Khan el-Khalili bazaar, sipping tea and engaging in a long conversation with a local, or simply stopping by while in a remote village, silent but for the chatter of hoofs on the tarmac, will give a glimpse into the country full of character, color and fortitude.

Recently, Egypt was awarded by lonelyplanet as one of the top 10 countries to travel to in 2022.


Egypt trips




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