Direct Iraqi Airlines flights from Germany: a journey through the skies of comfort and enjoyment

Direct Iraqi Airlines flights from Germany

Direct Iraqi Airlines flights from Germany are an exciting option for travelers looking for a distinctive and comfortable travel experience to a beautiful and historic destination. Iraqi Aviation provides high-quality services and reflects a commitment to safety and comfort for its passengers.

Munich Baghdad flight times

If you are planning to travel from Munich To Baghdad, you can take advantage of our carefully scheduled direct flights. Iraqi Air provides Munich-Baghdad flight services every Saturday.

Frankfurt Baghdad flight times

For those who prefer to travel from FrankfurtThere is a dedicated schedule for Iraqi Airlines flights heading directly to Baghdad on Mondays and Thursdays of every week. We are pleased to provide reliable and efficient services to travelers between Frankfurt and the Iraqi capital.

Dusseldorf Baghdad flight times

Dusseldorf It is another stop on the map of direct flights to Baghdad. Iraqi Airways provides direct flights on Tuesdays of every week, flexible to suit the needs of travelers from this city, making your trip to Baghdad an easy and enjoyable experience.

Berlin Baghdad flight times

BerlinThe modern capital, full of history, becomes an easily accessible destination through direct Iraqi Airlines flights. Enjoy a comfortable and direct flight from Baghdad to Berlin every Friday.

Advantages of booking airline tickets with Al Amal Travel and Tourism Company

Al Amal Tourism and Travel Company provides a wonderful opportunity for travelers to enjoy a unique travel experience. Through the use of modern technology and Google algorithms, travelers can benefit from the features of booking airline tickets with ease.

Airline ticket booking features:

  • Easy online booking: Travelers can easily book their tickets through Al Amal Travel and Tourism Company’s website, with an easy-to-use user interface.
  • Various options: The company offers a variety of categories and services, allowing travelers to choose the option that best suits their needs.
  • Offers and discounts: Travelers can take advantage of the offers and discounts available through the online booking platform.
  • Trip monitoring: Thanks to tracking technologies, travelers can easily monitor the status of their flights and get real-time updates.
  • Trip comfort: Iraqi Airlines flights from Germany to Baghdad are an opportunity to enjoy the comfort of the trip. Iraqi Aviation is distinguished by its modern aircraft equipped with the latest amenities, which makes the flight an enjoyable experience.
  • Diverse entertainment experience: Iraqi Air offers various in-flight entertainment options, including recent movies, TV shows and music to make the time fly by.
  • Delicious meals: Iraqi Air offers delicious and varied meals, designed to meet the needs of all travelers, including vegetarian and special options.

Exploring Baghdad – the city of history and culture:

Once you arrive in Baghdad, the doors of a historic city with deep cultural folds open before you. Enjoy visiting archaeological sites such as the Iraq Museum and the Old City, and exploring traditional markets that reflect Iraq's heritage.

Contact Al Amal Tourism and Travel Company:

It allows travelers to communicate with Al Amal Tourism and Travel Company easily through social media or direct contact. You can obtain additional information about Iraqi Airlines flights and reservation services, and request assistance with any inquiries.


Direct Iraqi Airlines flights from Germany to Baghdad are a unique opportunity to explore Iraqi culture and history in a distinctive way. With advanced booking services and convenient flights, travelers can enjoy an unforgettable travel experience. Prepare for a journey from heaven to Mesopotamia, where history meets modernity.

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